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Oezbekistan (Uzbekistan) is een land in Centraal-Azië. Oezbekistan grenst aan Kazachstan, Kirgizië, Tadzjikistan, Afghanistan en Turkmenistan.
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News of Uzbekistan
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¡ö President of Uzbekistan receives head of Russian Railways

¡ö Palestinian FM visits Uzbekistan


¡ö International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange has ended

¡ö Presentation of new railway cars held

¡ö Bee keeping develops in Samarkand region


¡ö Doctors in Karakalpakstan learn about protection of women's rights






The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met the chairman of the Council for Rail Transport of the Commonwealth of Independent States, President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin at Oqsaroy Residence on October 27.

The head of the state noted the consistent development of cooperation of CIS and Baltic States railway workers, a clear confirmation of what was the conduction of the Tashkent Railway Forum.

The forum participants are considering issues related to improvement of the coordination of the activities of the railway companies, their integration with the international transport networks and other economic, financial, legal and organizational issues.

During the meeting at Oqsaroy, Vladimir Yakunin expressed appreciation to President Karimov for the warm welcome, particularly noting the high level of organization of the CIS and Baltic Railway Forum.

The sides exchanged views on further development of cooperation between the railway companies of Uzbekistan and the CIS and Baltic states. (Source: National News Agency UzA)




Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Palestinian Authority Riad Al-Malki opened the new building of his country¡¯s embassy in Tashkent during his visit to Uzbekistan on October 27.

¡°The opening of the new building of the embassy will help to further strengthen our relations. We are convinced that our cooperation will continue developing,¡± Riad Al-Malki said.

The opening ceremony participants noted that relations between the two states were developing on the basis of mutual trust, respect and interest.

On the same day, the Foreign Minister of Palestine held talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

He also visited the State Museum of the History of Temurids and the Hazrati Imam (Hastimam) memorial complex. (Source: National News Agency UzA)






International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange was held on October 20-27 in the pavilions Uzexpocentre.

The forum of industrialists, organized the third time on the initiative of President Islam Karimov, was attended by over 360 enterprises and companies with their products and services operating in our country,. At this time the event gained an international status, and was attended by over 650 representatives of foreign firms and companies from around fifty countries around the world, including from Russia, Germany, Italy, Britain, South Korea, China, Poland and Turkey. The forum was organized in the framework of the Decree of President Islam Karimov ¡°On measures to further enhancing intra-and inter-sectoral industrial cooperation¡± from November 12, 2007. There were more than 2300 signed contracts for the purchase of manufactured goods from our country.

Over the past 9 months of this year, growth in gross domestic product in the country amounted to 8 per cent, industrial output ¨C 9.1 per cent, agriculture ¨C 3,3 percent, services ¨C 15.8 per cent, construction works ¨C 33,5 percent. State budget was executed with a surplus of 0.2 per cent to GDP, inflation has not exceeded the planned targets. All of this is the strong results of large-scale development of the economy, improving people¡¯s welfare.

The active investment policy accelerated the implementation of major projects have provided growth of capital investments to 28.3 per cent, including foreign direct investment ¨C in 2,1 times. During the first 9 months of this year 156 projects of technical modernization were completed, 371 production facilities were put into operation. According to the Program of localization of production in the past period in 2009 mastered the production of more than 100 new products, localized production volumes increased by 2 times, carried out the implementation of import-substituting products with 2,6 billion U.S. dollars.

Forum of Industrialists was another result of ongoing large-scale reforms in the country, it opens up new possibilities for improving production efficiency, economy, foreign exchange reserves, increasing the share of domestic goods in the domestic market, increased localization, development of cooperation ties between enterprises.

The fair exchange was attended by all the leading branches of the real sector of Uzbekistan¡¯s economy, including small businesses and private enterprises, academic institutions, engaged in the production of advanced technology.

The Forum was a good opportunity to discuss problems related to inter-sectoral and intra-industry collaboration. In the cooperative exchange was a list of products offered to the development of local enterprises, including small businesses. Each participant had the opportunity to receive full information about his field of interest and negotiate cooperation.

¡°Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange once again demonstrated the wide possibilities for production in our country of different products, including raw material,¡±said deputy director general of the share of the production association ¡°Uzmetkombinat¡± Bakhodir Yusupov. ¡°Now we can get everything you need for production from domestic enterprises. This will save time and currency. Giving industrial fair international status contributes to the further growth of the export potential of the country, allows to actively cooperate with foreign partners. Within the forum we have signed contracts for about ninety for more than thirteen billion soums. However, we have concluded about forty contracts worth 162 million U.S. dollars on the export of our products with partners from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

During the forum, representatives of foreign firms and the companies entered into a contract for the supply of numerous foreign productions in Uzbekistan products. In this regard, an important guide to action is the Presidential Decree ¡°On the Program of measures to support real sector enterprises, ensuring their stable operation and increase the export capacity of 28 November 2008.

¡°High organizational level of cooperative exchange, the activity of participants, a strong interest in cooperation demonstrate the accelerated development of industry in Uzbekistan,¡± said chairman of the Seoul Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Korea, Tai Woong Kim. ¡°The current fair has opened great opportunities for negotiations with Uzbek businessmen, joint development of mutually beneficial projects, the conclusion of business contracts. We have held talks on the establishment and strengthening of relationships with numerous enterprises of Uzbekistan.

Products manufactured in Uzbekistan today is in great demand on the world market. This is evidenced by the increase in export performance of industrial products. Uzbekistan on the international market has great authority as a state with well-developed automotive and aircraft construction, building materials and agricultural machinery, mineral processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry and food industry and other sectors of the economy. All this once again was clearly demonstrated during the International industrial fair and cooperation exchange. (Source: National News Agency UzA)




Tashkent passenger car construction and repair plant held a presentation of new railway cars built and modernized by the four major manufacturing plants of the Uzbekistan Railways company. The presentation was held in the framework of the 51st meeting of railway administrations of the CIS and Baltic states.

The two-section locomotive UzTE16M produced and upgraded at the Uztemiryolmashtamir enterprise was demonstrated at the presentation. Each year the company overhauls and modernizes more than 150 diesel and electric locomotives and 350 freight cars, thereby lengthening their service life. Currently, the locomotives produced at the Kolomna plant of Russia are being modernized with diesels.

Also, a passenger sleeping car with refrigerating devices, manufactured by the local plant, was presented at the event. This car has all the technical conveniences and a fire safety system, including fire alarm and fire extinguishing devices. The new car is designed for 36 passengers and can be used at speeds of up to 160 kmh.

Tashkent passenger car construction and repair plant was created in 2001. Currently it has the staff of more than 1,350 people. Over 250 cars are presently being overhauled and modernized at the plant, extending their service life by 15 years. (Source: National News Agency UzA)




On the basis of the State program ¡°Year of Rural Development and Improvement¡±, the work is being done in Samarqand region on the development of industries such as poultry, fish farming and bee keeping.

28 bee keeping and 45 fish farms were formed in the region this year. As a result, about 300 villagers were provided with regular employment.

About 20 jobs were created at two bee keeping farms in Taylak district of the region.

More rural property owners express interest in bee keeping, said Gulruh Ochilova, specialist of the Taylak branch of the Department of agriculture and water resources. (Source: National News Agency UzA)









Seminar on the "Legal guarantees of women's rights protection from discriminative customs, forced and early marriages" for doctors was held in Nukus, Karakalpakstan, on October 21.

It was organized by the Women's Committee and a UNDP project "Legislative and Institutional Capacity Development for Women's Empowerment in Uzbekistan" to determine violence, including domestic abuse.

Victims of domestic violence addressed the doctors. The training included definitions of types of violence, peculiarities of family crimes and how those phenomena are connected with human rights abuses.

Many women - victims of violence - prefer not to talk about incidents that, in turn, contributes to the growth of crimes and violence against women.

Gynecologists of the National Maternity Hospital of Nukus participated in the event. The organizers expect that participants will promote constitutional human rights and ways of protection of rights of their patients.

The training agenda included theoretical and practical sessions on equality of women and men, definition of domestic violence, negative side of traditional lifestyle, e.g. early and/or forced marriages, implementation of international treaties and national legislation on women's rights protection.

The UNDP project "Legislative and Institutional Capacity Development for Women's Empowerment in Uzbekistan" has been implemented in collaboration with the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan. (Source: Uzreport Information Portal)




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